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using crossbow (nice when you only have 1 phys nic, so from inside the non-global zones you can up/down/configure it)

1st, get the real nic on the system

# dladm show-phys
LINK         MEDIA                STATE      SPEED  DUPLEX    DEVICE
bge0         Ethernet             up         1000   full      bge0

then create a vnic on top of that

# dladm create-vnic -l bge0 vnic1

check it's there:

# dladm show-vnic
LINK         OVER         SPEED  MACADDRESS        MACADDRTYPE         VID
vnic1        bge0         1000   2:8:20:ae:f6:c0   random              0

create a zone and assign it the new vnic:

global # zonecfg -z sapacc
sapacc: No such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
zonecfg:sapacc> create
zonecfg:sapacc> set zonepath=/export/zones/sapacc
zonecfg:sapacc> set autoboot=false
zonecfg:sapacc> set ip-type=exclusive
zonecfg:sapacc> add net
zonecfg:sapacc:net> set physical=vnic1
zonecfg:sapacc:net> end
zonecfg:sapacc> verify
zonecfg:sapacc> commit
zonecfg:sapacc> exit

install the zone, boot it, and then log in and configure the vnic using the instructions on

obviously we have no phys link, so now dladm show-phys, the rest is the same

# dladm show-link
vnic1       vnic      1500   up       --         ?

The easiest way is to have a dhcp server in your network, then it is just a question of touching /etc/dhcp.interface_name (vnic1, for instance) and rebooting and everything will just work.